Apartment managers rejoice! 

The free DropSpot app makes it easy for your residents to receive packages at local businesses - and not at your leasing office. 


With DropSpot, "packages" is no longer a four-letter word. 


When you promote the free DropSpot app to your residents, you can dramatically reduce the number of packages delivered to your leasing office or stop package acceptance altogether. That means your team can spend more time serving residents and leasing apartments. It’s package delivery perfected. And that’s a win/win for everybody. Here's how it works:


Promote DropSpot to your residents.
Use our turn-key marketing materials to get the word out.


Your residents will download the free DropSpot app.
The free DropSpot app is available on Apple and Google Play


Your residents will ship to a DropSpot. 
On their next delivery, residents will use a DropSpot as their delivery address - and not your leasing office.


Your residents receive a delivery alert. 
Residents are automatically alerted when their package is ready for pickup at their DropSpot.


Lease apartments. Serve customers.
Your team has more time to lease apartments and serve customers. 



With DropSpot, your team can spend more time on the front line than in the package room. 


Reduce the number of deliveries or stop package acceptance altogether. 

Turn-key marketing materials make it easy to promote DropSpot to your residents.

Free up time for your team to lease apartments and serve residents. 

Support neighborhood businesses. 

Best of all, DropSpot is free!


Bring DropSpot to your apartment community.

Connect with DropSpot today to bring our revolutionary - and free! -
package delivery service to your residents.  

DropSpot is currently in Chicago, Denver & San Francisco.

And we have big plans to build out network of apartment properties coast-to-coast. Tell us where to go next! Enter your city below: