DropSpot delivers guaranteed traffic to your business. 

Our free app makes it easy for people to receive packages at businesses just like yours. Sweet.


With every DropSpot package, a potential customer is delivered to your business. 

DropSpot is transforming home package delivery through our network of trusted neighborhood merchants who accept and store packages on behalf of DropSpot Customers. DropSpot Merchants are local business owners just like you who can benefit from new customer foot traffic. Here’s how it works: 


Accept DropSpot Deliveries.
You’ll sign for DropSpot packages from FedEx, UPS,  USPS & Amazon. 


Use our handy app to scan the packages.
And automatically send a delivery alert to the DropSpot Customer.


Hand the package to the DropSpot customer.
Tap ‘delivered’ on the DropSpot app to
complete the delivery.


Build customer

Build rapport with DropSpot Customers to boost in-store sales.


Being a DropSpot Merchant makes good business sense:

Each DropSpot package delivers a real person (and potential customer!) to your business. 

Our free, easy-to-use app automates everything. Simply scan the DropSpot package and boom...your work is done. 

Earn a revenue share from DropSpot for packages you receive and store.

We even provide marketing and promotional materials to drive even more foot traffic.


DropSpot is a great solution for business owners who:

Want to benefit from additional foot traffic and revenue streams to drive new business. 

Know their way around a smart phone and apps.

Have available, secure space to store packages and predictable downtime to manage deliveries. 

Are open at least 6 days a week. 

Want to build awareness for their business with their neighbors.


Become a DropSpot Merchant.

Ready to increase foot traffic to your business?
Contact us today to explore becoming a DropSpot Merchant. 

DropSpot is currently in Chicago, Denver & San Francisco.

And we have big plans to build a national network of local businesses just like yours. Tell us where we should go next! Enter your city below: